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  1. Dr. Brian Dulude discusses services provided by the Vocational Rehabilitation ProgramVideo

  2. Field Services at the Division of Services for the Blind and Visually ImpairedVideo

    Everette Bacon reviews technology and employment, low vision services, and field training that is provided through Utah's Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

  3. Donna Neri Wells presents on the business enterprise program in UtahVideo

  4. Braille commands for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.Video

    These commands can be used using a bluetooth braille display with input keys

  5. Various options for finding help with using JawsVideo

    This video will demonstrate some of the useful keystrokes when using Jaws on Windows. It will then explain how those can be used within Microsoft Word.

  6. How to accept a shared Google Drive File on an Android based phone using TalkBackVideo

  7. How to share Google Docs files on the iPhone with VoiceoverVideo

  8. How to delete a file in Google Drive while using Voiceover on iOS devicesVideo

    Using an iPhone to delete a Google Docs document

  9. New Marshmellow Apps on Android using TalkBack Video

  10. How to use Google Drive and create Google Docs on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchVideo

    this video explores the Google Drive app on the iPhone while using Voiceover

  11. Connecting a Bluetooth braille display to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchVideo

    In this video we demonstrate how to connect the Freedom Scientific Focus 14 Braille Display to the iPhone via Bluetooth.

  12. Introduction to the BrailleNote TouchVideo

    Introducing BrailleNote Touch, the note taker of the future - YouTube

  13. BrailleNote Touch OverviewVideo

    BrailleNote Touch snapshot tutorial No.1 Tour of the Touch main menu and intro to the playstore - YouTube

  14. Improved access to Facebook and WhatsApp Article

    The new version of the F123 Access extension for Mozilla Firefox, now includes accessibility improvements for Youtube and Facebook, in addition to WhatsApp.

  15. Instructions on how to turn off protective view for Outlook attachments for Microsoft WordArticle

    Instructions on how to turn off the protective view in Word so that Outlook attachments will open without a special keystroke.

  16. Retrograde RegretsArticle

    Blinded in 1966 by a rifle accident, but only now realizing what I might have shared.

  17. Hand sewing and Learning New StitchesQuestion

    I'm looking to learn new stitches for handsewing...

  18. A walk through of creating row and column headers that Jaws will read Audio

  19. How to change the Language Mark up in Microsoft WordAudio

    I had been trying to get JAWS to read Spanish, but was unsuccessful at first

  20. How to play the church hymn "I Need Thee Every Hour" on the pianoArticle

  21. Scanning your system with hitman proAudio

    scanning with a program known as hitman pro

  22. Stepping out into darkness and the UnknownArticle

  23. Seeing with Sound - No limitsArticle

    How I came to know echo location as an amazing tool of orientation and mobility.

  24. Panasonic Voice Guidance on Viera televisions’!Video

    Voice Guidance on televisions for the blind

  25. Speech during installation of Windows operating systems!Video

    Windows PE & NVDA installing Windows

  26. RiVO for iPhone VoiceOver now expands to handle more languagesArticle

  27. Accessing Foreign Language Material such as Bilingual DictionariesQuestion

    I'm wondering if anyone has found an effective way to access foreign language materials (eg bilingual dictionaries), otherwise only available in print? I have not found any OCR solutions to be satisfactory for this purpose.

  28. EmploymentArticle

    I work as an inspirational speaker and as a Disability Awareness Consultant

  29. Microsoft office access 2010 using jawsQuestion

  30. RiVO keyboard for VoiceOverArticle

    RiVO is a revolutionary keyboard made for iPhone VoiceOver users. Being about the size of a credit card, it is highly portable and yet comfortable. You can use it to enjoy your iPhone in your pocket.

  31. Accessible Android App for Solving Some CaptchasLink

    This app can help you solve some captchas on web pages in your Android browser.

  32. How to scan your computer using malwarebytes antimalwareAudio

  33. sign twirler for Great Clips and Fusion Signs and DesignsArticle

  34. I am a computer consultantAudio

    This is how I work as a blind computer consultant

  35. Tuning In On Blindness Jane Lansaw Article

    At orientation and adjustment centers across the country, blind people with partial vision wear blindfolds… Why? Isn't it better to learn to use what little vision we have to its fullest?

  36. I am an Information Technology SpecialistArticle

    What I do to do my job!

  37. Make reusable 50/50 raffle ticketsArticle

    The Tallahassee Florida Chapter of NFB makes it's own reusable 50/50 raffle tickets for their monthly meeting fundraiser.

  38. Audible Teleprompter for Public SpeakingAudio

    Public speaking, reading fluently aloud, and reading to oneself for personal comprehension using an audible teleprompter. An enhanced presentation of the workshop delivered at the NFB National Convention July 2013.

  39. NVDA LinksLink

    These are links to tutorials and articles on how to use NVDA.

  40. The Future of Mobile Technology for the BlindArticle

    Mobile Technologies are now offering the ability to promote greater independence by enabling the blind to cope and to improve their condition. In this post, we want to feature other mobile innovations that are highly advantageous for the visually impaired.

  41. Setting the Internet Explorer Desktop Application as the Default in Windows 8Audio

    When I first started using Windows 8, I noticed that my Internet Explorer did not seem to work the same way with Jaws it had previously. It did not respond to the keyboard commands as I expected it to. I learned that Windows 8 opens the Internet Explorer app by default and not the Internet Explorer desktop application.

  42. iDevices and Me: Age 11Video

    I am eleven years old, and I know how to text using an Apple keyboard or a Braille display, call with voice command, and do many other useful things. In this video I will show you how I operate idevices.

  43. You Tube demonstrations of the JAWS Screen reader.Article

    There are over 2000 you tube videos about JAWS, here are just a few to get you started! This is from Jonathan Durtschi

  44. I Devices and Me: Age 11Video

    In this video I will show you how I operate I devices. They can provide entertainment, and they are also very friendly for people with visual impairments. I am eleven years old, and I know how to text using an Apple keyboard or a braille display, call with voice command, and many other useful things.

  45. Student Speaks to Class to Educate about BlindnessAudio

    Here, I share the facts about being a blind person and detail the common misperceptions and stereotypes about blindness. this is a presentation given in a class, May 10, 2013. Please consider giving presentations like this one at schools and communities when possible to educate people about blindness, just like I did today.

  46. How to delete ring tones from your iPhone using iTunesAudio

    If you have ever been frustrated trying to delete a ring tone from your iPhone, here is a brief walk through of how to remove them using iTunes with Jaws.

  47. Easy Steps to A Quick Volume ControlArticle

    No more typing, tabbing, clicking or other nonsense hunting down the Sound applet just to turn up or down your music in Windows 7. Here's easy steps to adjusting your volume in less than 2-seconds from anywhere on your computer!

  48. Blind drivers at the steering wheel Article

  49. Mentors for Students with Visual ImpairmentsArticle

    Mentors for students with vision impairments

  50. How does a Blind Person Successfully Man a Table?Question

    How can a blind person man and staff a table? Feel free to answer anytime.

  51. How to Make images of Text Appear Larger and Readable for OCRArticle

    Learn how to independently enlarge image-based documents containing small print, using screen reader technologies.

  52. Fitness ResourcesLink

  53. Dancing Eyes: A Short Documentary About Children & Teens Living with AlbinismVideo

    'Dancing Eyes' is a nationally recognized short documentary made by two high school cousins who want to educate the world about albinism.

  54. How to Quickly view E-mail message in Browser with Outlook 2010Article

    Read on to find out how you can quickly access your complicated HTML message in your browser when read using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010.

  55. Preview ofUpcoming NLS BARD app for iOSArticle

    From - In this approximately 26-minute podcast, Allison Hilliker and Darrell Shandrow are honored to speak with Judy Dixon, Consumer Relations Officer with the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, all about the upcoming release of the agency’s BARD Mobile app for reading Braille and digital talking books on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

  56. Blind Student Takes Small Engines class in High SchoolArticle

    Who would think that a blind student could take an elective class in high school that is considered too visual, or perhaps, even dangerous? Read on to find out how a blind student can compete with his / her same counterparts in the same classroom arena when dealing with these highly visual and shop-style classes!

  57. Bridgit Pollpeter' Live Well Nebraska BlogLink

    Read this Omaha World Herald on its Live Well website. It discusses diabetes, blindness and parenting

  58. Advice and Suggestions for NFB ChaptersQuestion

    Seeking advice for community outreach for NFB chapter.

  59. NE Med Center Article about Pollpeter FamilyArticle

    Read an article from the NE Med Center's newsletter about the Pollpeter family. It addresses diabetic pregnancy and blind parenting.

  60. Pollpeter Family's NE Med Center commercialLink

    Check out Bridgit, Ross and Declan Pollpeter's NE Ned Center commercial. They discuss Bridgit's pregnancy and being blind parents.

  61. How to make math and other special symbols talk in JAWSArticle

    How to read special symbols with JAWS screen reading software

  62. How Braille Turned Me Into a Purse JunkieArticle

    This is an article I wrote for the NFB of Oklahoma Newsletter. It is a personal account of my experience with Braille and demonstrates the need for appropriate Braille instruction for the blind and particularly for all blind children.

  63. Deep Sea Fishing Adventure Article

  64. The RoboBraille Service: Best Quality OCRArticle

    RoboBraille is a web-based service for converting inaccessible PDF, Word, or even JPG images of text. Read on to find out more about this beautiful online service!

  65. Accessible Indoor Rowing DemoAudio

    How to get accessible workout data from a Concept2 indoor rowing machine using ErgChatter.

  66. Optimizing Firefox with Jaws 14Question

  67. Great Service for Converting FilesLink

  68. Looking for a potterQuestion

  69. Audio Described TV ProgramsArticle

    DVS TV Shows

  70. Web Anywhere Screen ReaderLink

    This link points to a web site where there is a free, ready-to-run screen reader that requires no installation.

  71. Options for Image-based DocumentsArticle

    Nowadays, all you see are PDF documents. Most of these are images, and can be difficult for screen readers to interact with.

  72. Google Transit DemoAudio

    Basic overview of the google transit page which is used for getting public transportation directions.

  73. Review of Franklin Any Book ReaderAudio

  74. Touch Memo Voice Labeler Demo and ReviewAudio

  75. Demonstration of Pen Friend Audio LabelerLink

  76. Federal Government Limits Web AccessArticle

    Is internet access a civil right? Apparently not for all Americans. A federal worker explains how the U.S. is ensuring a "separate but not equal" policy.

  77. Giving Eye DropsArticle

    The biggest problems pertaining to giving eye drops as a blind parent are: (a) fear of wasting medicine, and (b) fear of sticking your poor kiddo in the eye with the nozzle of the dropper. both can be dealt with.

  78. Its Not Me...Its YouArticle

  79. Dealing with PicturesQuestion

  80. Assistive Tech LessonsLink is a web site where you can find text-based lessons that are downloadable. these lessons cover many Assistive Technologies such as JAWS, Window eyes, Mac with VoiceOver, and how to use screen readers with specific software.

  81. Locating and changing the memory in a computerArticle

    I fix computers and am totally blind. Several visual computer users have asked me just where does one look for the memory and how to change it.

  82. HTG Explains: Why Deleted Files Can Be Recovered and How You Can Prevent ItArticle

  83. 13 Ways to Increase IOS Battery LifeArticle

    Looking for ways that your IOS Device be available for longer periods of use, here are 13 awsome successful tips. use

  84. Brief Introduction to Safari on iOSAudio

    Quick but detailed description and demonstration of the safari web browser on iDevices

  85. Brief Introduction to Safari on iOSAudio

    Quick but detailed description and demonstration of the safari web browser on iDevices

  86. How to add transitions and sound effects to transitions in PowerPoint 2010 with JawsAudio

    Listen to this brief audio clip of how to add transitions and sound effects to transitions in PowerPoint 2010 with Jaws.

  87. How a Blind Person Uses The ATM - Tommy Edison Video

    Tommy Edison shows us what it's like for him to use this ATM machine.

  88. How Blind People Use InstagramVideo

    Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, demonstrates how to use Instagram on the iPhone 4S.

  89. How to insert a clipart and move its location in PowerPoint 2010 with JawsAudio

  90. How to label pictures using alt text in PowerPoint 2010 with JawsAudio

    This brief audio podcast walks you through how to label pictures in PowerPoint 2010. This description will be announced when ever you bring focus to the picture whether you are in the normal view or slide presentation view.

  91. Adding a Theme in PowerPoint 2010 with JawsAudio

    Adding a theme will help in the visual presentation of your slide show.

  92. Using the Slide Sorter in PowerPoint 2010 with JawsAudio

    Learn how to reorder your slides using the slide sorter view. The slide sorter allows you to cut, copy, paste, or delete your slides.

  93. Inserting a title and date in PowerPoint 2010 with JawsAudio

    This goes through inserting the date so that the date updates automatically

  94. Inserting a slide in PowerPoint 2010 with Jaws Audio

  95. Websites in BrailleQuestion

    What is the correct way to braille a website?

  96. PowerPoint 2010 with Jaws Lesson PlanAudio

    This lesson covers the basics of navigating PowerPoint 2010 including inserting pictures, audio files, animation timing, and speaker notes.

  97. How do you turn the speech off in JAWS.Question

  98. Fleksy Tutorial for iosAudio

    Fleksy tutorial for Ios products recorded by Eric Guillory

  99. NFB Newsline ios app demoAudio

    This tutorial explains how to use the newsline app on Iphones and Ipads.

  100. Siri with IOS 6Audio

    Listen to a few things Siri can do on the iPhone with IOS 6

  101. Win a New Perkins SMART Brailler from!Link is sponsoring an exciting giveaway for a brand new Perkins SMART Brailler. This brailler has been making the conference rounds lately so you may have seen the SMART Brailler on display. It really is amazing!

  102. How to change the font and format of cells in Microsoft Excel 2010Audio

    This tutorial covers how to change the font, change the date format, change the percentage format, change the width of a column, insert a row, insert a comment, delete a row, and use the paste special feature.

  103. Master Chef participant Christine HaArticle

    Four blind chefs share 10 tips about cooking including Master Chef finalist Christine Ha

  104. Master Chef participant Christine HaArticle

    Four blind chefs share 10 tips about cooking including Master Chef finalist Christine Ha

  105. Daily living skillsQuestion

  106. How do I register for the NLS BARD service and enable my Stream to play NLS books?Article

    instructions on how to play NLS books on the Victor Reader Stream.

  107. Windows Explorer Changing the viewAudio

    How to change the items view and create folders in Windows Explorer

  108. Navigating the Windows ExplorerAudio

    Basic Layout and Navigation of the Windows Explorer

  109. Project Strive 2011-2012Video

    The NFB of Utah has great success with Project Strive.

  110. I am blind in the left eye by 99.09% from glaucoma. Would I qualify for what membership/servicesQuestion

  111. Identifying LuggageArticle

  112. the Longg White Cane as a Low Vision DeviceAudio

    as a Structured Discovery Cane Travel Instructor working for a traditional rehabilitation agency, Peret presented the long white cane as a viable low vision option

  113. What is the best way to separate color-coded wires?Question

  114. The Other Blind Guy on Mt. EverestAudio

    In a humorous presentation of the range of public attitudes about blindness, Maurice Peret, The Other Blind Guy on Mt. Everest, discusses this historic event and what it meant for blind people in our society

  115. Humorous introduction from "The Other Blind Guy on Mt. Everest." Audio

    A presentation on Baltimore's WYPR Public Radio hosts "the stoop story telling series" where Maurice Peret, the other blind guy on Mt. Everest, humorously deals with public attitudes about blindness and ties it to this historic game changing event in what it really means to be blind.

  116. Voiceover on YoutubeArticle

    Every link out there using voiceover on

  117. VisionAssist App for Iphone & IpadLink

    VisionAssist is a new category of handheld electronic magnifier that utilizes your smartphone.

  118. Accessible Methods of Making E paymentsQuestion

    Wondering if anyone knows of accessible e payments options such as Google Wallet, Apple Wallet, etc.

  119. Writing Your Way to an InterviewArticle

    Even under better economic circumstances, landing a job interview can be an exercise in patience and fortitude. Let’s examine the résumé, arguably the most critical application component, and some ways you might consider building it up to land yourself an interview.

  120. Traveling by Air, Part 1Article

    Traveling by air as a blind person does not have to be an intimidating experience. With a few tips, the novice and expert alike can ensure a smooth process.

  121. What is your favorite feature of the Apex Braillenote?Question

  122. Descriptive Audio and the System Access Mobile NetworkAudio

    A podcast showing how easy it is to use the System Access Mobile Network.

  123. How To Disable A Laptop's Touch Pad MouseAudio

    This is a short tutorial on how to disable one's touch pad mouse on a laptop. Remember, when restarting a computer, you have to go through the steps to disable it.

  124. Apple TV AccessibilityVideo

    This video describes and demonstrates the VoiceOver screen reader on the Apple TV. It also shows how to turn on Closed Captioning.

  125. accessible racing games??Question

  126. How to join/subscribe Google Groups without a Gmail IDArticle

    This shows how to goin a google group with having to fill in the grapical code

  127. how to know if your computer is infectedArticle

    This article gives very useful tips to make sure your computer stays clean and how to tell if you are infected.


    MOST AFFORDABLE E-BOOK READER FOR THE BLIND HIT'S THE MARKET Blind Readers Can Access eText for Less than the Cost of an Evening Out

  129. WYPR radio interview with Maurice PeretAudio

    Maurice Peret, NOMCT, commutes to and from work every day via the MTA Maryland Transit Administration

  130. Alva BC640 Question

    How does one allow sound to continue through the PC speakers as opposed to the feature pack speakers, and how do you allow the Braille keyboard to take presidence over the computer keyboard?

  131. Navigating and interacting with the iPhone Home screenAudio

    Do you need some iPhone basics? This brief tutorial goes over how to unlock the screen, describes the general layout of the home screen, how to move from one icon to the next using VoiceOver gestures, how to open an app from the home screen, how to move to the different pages of the home screen, and how to open and close folders

  132. Directions for Me WebsiteLink

    This site sponsored by Horizons for the Blind provides product label information on everything from food, to bathroom and household products to computer accessories.

  133. UCF blind wrestler pins down adversityArticle

    UCF blind wrestler pins down adversity. UCF wrestler Kyle Coon lost his eyes to retinoblastoma cancer at the age of 5

  134. How to delete contacts on the I phoneArticle

    Everyone asks me how do I delete a contact on my I phone? Here is a step by step process!

  135. Me crossing Red Wood at 3800 SouthAudio

    I am recording my sellf doing Cane Travel crossing Red Wood at 3800 South.

  136. Blind Motocross driver tries to set a record!Article

    Really cool article about what blind people can do with a little ingenuity!

  137. Legally Blind student learns how to use a chainsaw!Article

  138. I phone and I pad downloadsArticle

    How to set up I cloud for multiple devices

  139. Sprint to offer free accessibility to Android phonesArticle

    If you are an Android user and a Sprint user this is for you!

  140. Employment Initiatives at The Hadley School for the BlindArticle

    Although statistics vary somewhat, the most reliable data sources suggest that the under- or unemployment rate of persons who are blind or visually impaired is 70%-80%. To that end, the school has implemented several initiatives aimed at enabling its students to find and excel in employment, which is a crucial component of independent living.

  141. Windows ExplorerAudio

    A discussion with Max on using the Windows explorer

  142. Stanford Course Yields Touchscreen Braille WriterVideo

    Will a touchscreen braille writer using a tablet (like the iPad) be available in the future?

  143. Taskbar GuideLink

  144. JAWS for Windows (JFW)Question

  145. Basic JAWS CommandsLink

  146. JAWS KeystrokesLink

  147. Blind Student Succeeds in Physics class with the help of the ProfessorArticle

    Very good article on how blind students can do Physics!

  148. iPhone video transfer Question

    How do you get the iPhone to allow for very large Mav files from the video file to be saved to the computer or allow it to be put in dropbox?

  149. How to sort, filter, and auto fill in excelAudio

    If you are having trouble sorting or filtering tables in excel, here is an easy to follow example.

  150. How to safely remove a thumb drive from the computer in Windows XP Audio

  151. Siri simplifies tasks on the iPhone 4SAudio

    Curious what the iPhone 4S can do? Listen to how Siri takes the hastle out of sending texts, email, setting appointments, etc.

  152. Configuring automatic reading of field names in ExcelArticle

    If you tab around a worksheet, your screen reader speaks the coordinates of the currently active cell. This article describes a screen-reader independent way of configuring your worksheet to have row and column titles automatically spoken as you navigate the sheet.

  153. The Olympus DM-520: A Detailed ReviewArticle

    It might be last year's model, but if your on a budget, you can find it on ebay and from hundreds of vendors online.

  154. Fixing PDF Fillable Forms that Aren'tQuestion

    Have you ever tried to fill out a PDF form only to discover that none of your changes will save? Here's some help text you can send to the form's developer.

  155. Comparing Ebook Readers for Your iDeviceArticle

    Nothing works better for reading ebooks than an iDevice because so many different apps are available.

  156. How to create a download link for filesArticle

    If you have a file that you want other people to be able to download from BlindHow, this is how you create a link to your file when you have dropbox installed on your computer.

  157. How to post links to other resourcesArticle

  158. Training your dog to retrieveArticle

    Whether it is a pet or guide, having a dog that hands you that Frisbie makes retrieving a better game for the two of you

  159. Colorado Center for the Blind's Confidence CampVideo

    Colorado Center for the Blind's Confidence Camp.

  160. Do You Dream In Color - A Documentary FilmVideo

    Do you dream in color? Blind teens share their dreams and hopes.

  161. The Colorado Center for the Blind WebsiteLink

    The Colorado Center provides innovative teaching techniques & philosophy that has far-reaching effects on the lives of blind people, taking them to new heights of independence.

  162. Louisiana Center for the BlindLink

  163. Blind Inc. WebsiteLink

    Blind Incorporated is a training center for the blind located in Minneapolis, Minnesota using the positive view of blindness of the National Federation of the Blind

  164. Woodworking at Blind Incorporated Blindness Training CenterVideo

    Blind video highlighting woodworking program.

  165. Working Blind Documentary:Three Stories of Woodworkers Without SightVideo

    A trailer for the short film directed, shot, and edited by Cara Feinberg

  166. VisionAware WebsiteLink

    The Self-Help Resource Center For Vision Loss

  167. Vision Aware: If I Can't See, How Can I Use Power Tools?Article

    Article: "If I can't see, how can I use power tools?" posted on Vision Aware website.

  168. Tips for Mastering a complex screen readerArticle

    Here are some ways of making the daunting process of memorizing all those keystrokes manageable.

  169. How to Burn A CD Using Only Windows XPArticle

    Stepb by step instructions with troubleshooting if XP says no CD in the drive.

  170. Voice Over is WonderfulArticle

    I, like a great majority of people, take part in social network, and text messaging, and with Voice Over, the capability to keep in touch, and use your cell phone has greatly improved for blind and low vision people, immensely.

  171. Mac For The Blind WebsiteLink

    A website for Visually Impaired People who use Apple products and services

  172. www.wonderhowto.comLink Many do it yourself videos with many categories!

  173. iOS VoiceOver Gesture, Keyboard & Braille Shortcuts by AxS LABArticle

    A complete list of gestures, keyboard and Braille shortcut commands to handle your iOS device. Updated 10/2011

  174. AxS LAB WebsiteLink

    Accessibility in mind with Games, Video Guides, Reviews and more

  175. How do you drill holes?Question

    How do you ensure you are going to drill in the right place?

  176. Fixing Microsoft Outlook's HTML Reading Problems For JAWS UsersArticle

    If you use JAWS and Microsoft Outlook, you might find reading web-based newsletters tedious because JAWS reads a long disclaimer with every image. Here's how to disable that annoyance.

  177. Become Your Own O&M InstructorArticle

    You don't always need a professional mobility instructor to conquer a new route. Your key to becoming more independent is to simply think out of the box. Read my long article to learn how.

  178. Cursor Movement in iOSArticle

    Tips on editing text using the onscreen keyboard for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and VoiceOver.

  179. Cooper the Blind Bird Hunting DogVideo

    This video is a tale of how this owner and his blind dog have developed the kind of teamwork that more than makes up for Cooper's blindness.

  180. Help using disc defragmenter and Windows 7 with JAWS 12Question

  181. Nokia Screen Reader from Code FactoryArticle

    New Nokia screen reader available probably later this year on selected phones. Check it out!

  182. How Do Blind People Hunt?Article

    This article will explore traditional and high-tech methods that the blind can use to hunt wild game. As an avid blind hunter, Steve Johnson, NFB-Wisconsin, will describe successful methods used in harvesting wild game.

  183. Being Legally Blind: Ocular Albinism Part 2 "FAQS"Video

    This video is Casey's personal experience living with ocular albinism. This is part two and a follow up on her first video called: Being Legally Blind: Ocular Albinism.

  184. Being Legally Blind: Ocular AlbinismVideo

    This video is Casey's personal experience living with ocular albinism. She made it when she was 16 years old to educate and network with others.

  185. Video: Demonstration of Student After 2 Weeks of Technology InstructionVideo

    This student lost her sight quickly and had never touched a computer before 10th grade. She learned how to use a computer with talking software within 2 weeks.

  186. Tech Vision WebsiteLink

    TechVision provides lessons to teach how use use the Internet, Facebook, Skype, Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. $1.99 per lesson or bundles available.

  187. Deja Powell: Slate & Stylish BlogLink

    Deja Powell, Korky, Krazy, Sometimes Funny, always honest blog about blindness!

  188. Blind Sailing Website & Log JournalsLink

    On November 10, 2005, Pamela Habek and Scott Duncan became the first legally blind people to cross the Pacific Ocean.

  189. No Barriers: Blind Sailing Using Talking GPS NavigationVideo

    No Barriers shows how Scott Duncan uses GPS technology to sail independently.

  190. SOVI: Sailing Opportunities for the Visually ImpairedVideo

    SOVI offers opportunities for visually impaired sailors to get on the water, assisted by sighted crew

  191. AIRS-LA:National Geographic Kids Magazine PodcastLink

    Open the natural world to your children with Danielle Rayne's readings from National Geographic Kids magazine.

  192. Patrick Henry Hughes: Musician, Student, Performer, Public SpeakerVideo

    Patrick Hughes' has excelled as a musician, student, performer, and public speaker despite the challenges he has faced due to his blindness and physical disability.

  193. Dr. Bill Takeshita, Blind Pediatric OptometristVideo

    Dr. Bill Takeshita lost his eyesight due to a retinal degenerative disorder. And then he returned to practice: a blind eye doctor.

  194. Blind archaeologist uncovers ancient childbirth inscriptionArticle

    awesome articleabout what blind people can do!

  195. Aprone's software and Games Article

    A sighted guy who makes games for the blind? Incredible!

  196. Release of JAWS 13Article

    JAWS 13 is now available!

  197. Home Repairs by Derrick BoudwinLink

    Article on home repairs being legally blind written by Derrick Boudwin.

  198. Tunnel Vision by Derrick BoudwinLink

    Link to Tunnel Vision article written by Derrick Boudwin

  199. Charles Bonnet Syndrome by Derrick Boudwin Article

    What Charles Bonnet Syndrome is and my experience with it written by Derrick Boudwin.

  200. Best Free Unit and Currency Conversion ProgramLink

    Convert Unit and Currency with this Program

  201. 91 Places For Free Audio Books OnlineLink

    Are you looking for places to download audio books? Here's a whole catalogue!

  202. Best Free Keyboard and Mouse Control SoftwareLink

    Want more control over your keyboard and mouse settings and actions?

  203. Best Free Time Correction UtilityLink

  204. NFB Access Technology Blog - The Ibis ReaderLink

    A platform for reading ePUB books.

  205. Mailing list - Accessibility of the new SiriusXM playerLink

  206. Recording of HumanWare Webinar - new Brailliant Braille DisplaysLink

    New Braille displays made by Humanware. Listen to a webinar!

  207. short DAISY book - Improvements in the Accessibility of IOS5Link

    Improvements in the accessibility of IOS5, the latest version of the operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Visit this link to learn about the changes if you haven't already.

  208. short DAISY book - Improvements in the Accessibility of IOS5Link

    Improvements in the accessibility of IOS5, the latest version of the operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Visit this link to learn about the changes if you haven't already.

  209. BlindTunes - JAWS scripts for Latest Version of iTunesLink

    Scripts for Jaws, to use the new version of iTunes. It's called BlindTunes

  210. October, 2011 issue of accessWorld - Now AvailableLink

    Articles about employment, a review of the Braille Sense , a discussion of the new AccessWorld app for the iPhone,etc.

  211. How to Use “Find my Friends” App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch iOS5 users: Article

  212. Self-driving Cars Available from 2020Article

    Article explaining cool features of cars driving themselves through traffic, warnings of slippery roads, intersections, road blocks etc.

  213. Android 4.0 Platform Highlights. Article

    Highlights from the Android platform regarding accessibility.

  214. Kristen Cox: Paragliding & Skydiving, The Art of Free-Falling.Link

    Kristen Cox blogs about her successful experiences paragliding and skydiving independently. Kristen happens to be blind.

  215. Kristen Cox: "Walk Through The Confusion"Video

    Department of Workforce Services Executive Director, Kristen Cox speaks about an experience that changed her life for the better. Kristen happens to be blind.

  216. American Foundation for the Blind's AccessWorld AppLink

    This is the official app of the American Foundation for the Blind's online publication AccessWorld.

  217. New AppleCare+ (Plus) Extended Warranty Covers AccidentsLink

    Prone to smartphone-related accidents? Apple has a new iPhone AppleCare+ plan that covers accidental damage.

  218. PenFriend and Touch Memo: A Comparison of Labeling Tools. Review by Deborah Kendrick Article

    PenFriend and Touch Memo: A Comparison of Labeling Tools. Review by Deborah Kendrick in the Access World, September 2011 Issue

  219. ChromeVox User Guide: Screenreader for Chrome OSLink

    ChromeVox by google is a screen reader for Chrome OS, intended to bring the speed, versatility, and security of Chrome OS to visually impaired users

  220. Accessibility Updates for Google Docs, Sites and CalendarVideo

    Webinar recorded September 21, 2011. A demo and discussion of recently enhanced accessibility features in Google Apps for businesses, governments and schools.

  221. Haptic shoe could replace the white caneArticle

    A vibrating device in your shoe to guide you and avoid obsticles. Lets see if this one sees the light.

  222. Engineers Create Touchscreen Braille WriterArticle

    A new Braille writer or note taker with a touch screen! A Must-read, and a must-get!

  223. IPhone GPS Comparison 2Audio

    Mike Arrigo updates his earlier report on accessible iPhone GPS apps and demonstrates two particularly good ones--the Magellan Road Mate and the Motion X Drive. 25.9 MB

  224. The layout of Windows 7 Windows ExplorerAudio

  225. Future Reflections: NFB of Utah Project STRIVEArticle

    Article written by Cheralyn Creer about the NFB of Utah, Project STRIVE. Meeting the unique needs of blind and visually impaired youth throughout Utah.

  226. Slate Pals: Braille Pen Pal ProgramLink

    Slate Pals is a program for children in grades K-12 that matches students who want Braille pen pals.

  227. Braille Readers Are Leaders ProgramLink

    The Braille Readers Are Leaders is a national contest for students who read Braille, kindergarten through twelfth grades, and all adult Braille readers.

  228. Braille Monitor: Leading Publication of the National Federation of the Blind Link

    The Braille Monitor is the leading publication of the National Federation of the Blind and has been the voice of the nation’s blind since 1957.

  229. Let Freedom Ring: Braille Letters to President Barack Obama Link

    Today, only 10% of blind children are learning to read Braille in school, a shocking statistic that reveals glaring problems in the education of blind children in the U.S.

  230. How To Participate in Industrial Arts (Woodworking, Carpentry, Wood Shop)Video

    How to independently participating in industrial arts, woodworking, carpentry, and wood shop.

  231. How To Label Canned GoodsVideo

    Barb Weigel, project specialist for the Iowa Department for the Blind Rubber shows a variety of ways to label canned goods.

  232. How To Thread A Needle Using Easy Threading or Self Threading Needles.Video

    Rehab teacher Julie Bergeson shows us a method of threading a needle without vision, using a easy threading or self threading needles.

  233. How To Thread A Needle: Non Visual Method Using Soap & Floss ThreaderVideo

    Rehab teacher Julie Bergeson shows us a second method of threading a needle without vision, this time using a bar of soap and floss threader.

  234. How To Make a Braille BookVideo

    The Iowa Department for the Blind creates Braille books for its Library patrons. Library employee Sarah Cranston demonstrates how she makes a Braille book.

  235. LookTel Money Reader for iPhone - PerformanceVideo

    Demonstration of LookTel money reader for the iPhone.

  236. Strive SongAudio

  237. Resources for Learning About Programming - Beginners and Advanced!Link

    Do you want to learn programming? Or are you a programmer and want more info, more resources? Here are a few websites to visit, as well as a cool mailing list for beginners and advanced programmers!

  238. Using JAWS With Popular ApplicationsLink

    Are you struggling to use JAWS with popular applications like XL, MSWord etc? Here's where you can get help.

  239. Creating Custom Hotkeys for Your Favorite Application or FolderLink

  240. Create DAISY With DAISY Pipeline Link

    Ever wanted to create your own DAISY files?

  241. Ninite - Update your software automatically!Link

    Ninite can help you update real quick.

  242. Ninite - Update your software automatically!Link

    Ninite can help you update real quick.

  243. Fast Search-And-Replace Utility Link

  244. Behind the sceens, with Windows 7Link

  245. Directory of Free Assistive Technology Software Link

  246. Macular Degeneration (MD): A Self Help Guide to Nonvisual Skills by Dan RobertsLink

    Learn how to maintain up to 99% of common daily living activities, even with no functional vision.

  247. Will the Siri on the iPhone also work on the iPad 2?Question

  248. National Federation of the Blind (NFB) of Utah WebsiteLink

    The NFB of Utah is an affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind. Excellent resource for blind individuals and their families living in Utah.

  249. National Federation of the Blind WebsiteLink

    The National Federation of the Blind is the largest and most influential membership organization of blind people in the United States

  250. Jennifer Rothschild: Lip Liner, Eye LinerVideo

    Motivational speaker, Jennifer Rothschild shares a humorous experience about lip and eye liner.

  251. Cooking Without Looking: Foundation for Blindness VISIONS conference full sessionArticle

    Chef Andrea Scala and her sister Erin Scala, demonstrate tips and techniques for cooking healthy and safely, in a session called 'Cooking without Looking.

  252. Cooking Without Looking: Kitchen Tools DemonstrationVideo

    Chef Andrea Scala and her sister Erin Scala, demonstrate tips and adaptive tools that can be used in the kitchen.

  253. Macular Degeneration Community Support WebsiteLink

    MD support website provides information and support for people who are affected by macular degeneration and similar retinal diseases.

  254. Siri App on iPhone 4SVideo

    Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, set reminders, place phone calls, ask questions and more.

  255. 7128 Software & GamesLink

  256. Azabat SoftwareLink

  257. Kitchen's Inc. Website: Don't Let the Name Fool YouLink

    Kitchen Inc. is Jim Kitchen's free blind accessible speech friendly pc dos and windows games

  258. WebsiteLink is a community portal for audio games: games based on sound.

  259. PCS GamesLink

    PCS Games offers a growing volume and descriptions of links to over 300 FREE and Commercial blind-accessible games and game sites.

  260. Gayle Unplugged: An Adaptive Technology & Real Life Situations of the Blind BlogLink

    Gayle Unplugged is a section of Perkin's School For the Blind website is also known as "hints for real life".

  261. Helping the Blind & Visually Impaired WebsiteLink

    Web site's mission is to provide valuable information regarding the various options and opportunities available to the blind and visually impaired communities.

  262. Independence Science WebsiteLink

    Independence Science empowers students of all ages who are blind and visually impaired to gain a hands-on, multi-sensory experience in classrooms & laboratories.

  263. Blind Access Tools (BATS) WebsiteLink

  264. Robert Kingett: Motivational SpeakerLink

  265. Libboo.Com WebsiteLink

    Libboo is an online social writing community and platform where people can network and collaborate to create written content online and in real time.

  266. WonderBaby.Org WebsiteLink, a project funded by Perkins School for the Blind, is dedicated to helping parents of young children with vision impairments & multiple disabilities.

  267. NFB of New Jersey Blind Fashion Show: Part 4 of 4Video

    The National Federation for the Blind Fashion Show, the first event of its kind, held in New Jersey Nov. 5, 2010. Part 4 of 4

  268. NFB of New Jersey Blind Fashion Show: Introduction Part 3 of 4Video

    The National Federation for the Blind Fashion Show, the first event of its kind, held in New Jersey Nov. 5, 2010. Part 3 of 4

  269. NFB of New Jersey Blind Fashion Show: Part 2 of 4Video

    The National Federation for the Blind Fashion Show, the first event of its kind, held in New Jersey Nov. 5, 2010. Part 2 of 4

  270. NFB of New Jersey Blind Fashion Show: Introduction Part 1 of 4Video

    The National Federation for the Blind Fashion Show, the first event of its kind, held in New Jersey Nov. 5, 2010. Part 1 of 4

  271. Looking Good Without Looking with Linda Zani ThomasVideo

    Looking Good Without Looking 9/28/2011 Webcast

  272. Thru Our Eyes LinkLink

    Thru Our Eyes, home of the WTOE Internet Radio Network

  273. Thru Our Eyes: On the Bright SideVideo

    Thru Our Eyes: On the Bright Side. Presentation at 2011 NFB National Convention

  274. The new Apple i Phone 4GSArticle

    Here is all the lowdown on the new Apple i Phone! What it can do and when you can get one!

  275. Tech Vision BlogLink

    Dr. Denise Robinson teaches children and adults, who have vision impairments or reading challenges, technology and skills that will help them succeed in life.

  276. What are the Best blind friendly cellphones to use?Question

    I am looking for some suggestions on buying a blind friendly cellphone.

  277. New Yahoo! Mail Help Accessibility TopicsLink

  278. Known Issues With Yahoo! Mail AccessibilityLink

    JAWS 11 doesn't automatically toggle the virtual buffer on or off for the different sections of Yahoo! Mail's user interface.

  279. How To Compose A New Email in Yahoo! Mail Using A Screenreader. Video

    This video demonstrates how to compose a new email in Yahoo! Mail using a screenreader.

  280. How To Navigate Your Message List in Yahoo! Mail Video

    This video demonstrates how to navigate your message list in Yahoo! Mail.

  281. How to reply to a Yahoo! email using a screenreaderVideo

    This video demonstrates how to send a reply in Yahoo! Mail.

  282. How To Check For New Yahoo! Mail Using A Screen ReaderVideo

    This video demonstrates how to check for new email Yahoo! Mail using JAWS 12 and Internet Explorer 9

  283. How to use the new Yahoo mailQuestion

    I am having trouble using the new yahoo mail with JAWS.

  284. 2010 Braille ChallengeVideo

    Highlights from the 2010 Braille Challenge in Los Angeles.

  285. Invisible Sky NASA Unveils Cosmic Images Book in BrailleVideo

    Noreen Grice is a coauthor of Touch the Invisible Sky, a book from NASA that is available in schools for the blind, libraries and museums.

  286. Accessible Twitter: QwitterLink

    Qwitter is a program that makes Twitter accessible to blind and visually impaired users.

  287. Hope: Accessible PandoraLink

    Chris Toth developed a program called "Hope" that allows those that use screen reading technology (i.e. Jaws) to use Pandora.

  288. Amy McDonaugh, 2011 Flying Pig Marathon ChampionVideo

    Amy McDonaugh wins the 2011 Flying Pig Marathon with a time of 2:58:10. Amy's "post interview": shares that she is legally blind and recently had surgery.

  289. XTERRA Hero, Bobby McMullenVideo

    Video clip about Bobby McMullen, legally blind triathlete.

  290. Intro: The Way Bobby Sees ItVideo

    The Way Bobby Sees It is a gripping documentary about Bobby McMullen, a competitive mountain biker who happens to be legally blind.

  291. CBS: Blind Chef's Magic TouchVideo

    Cynthia Bowers reports, Laura Martinez can cook up a storm, even though she's been blind since birth.

  292. The China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe - Music Ensemble: Sound Of MusicVideo

    A video of visually impaired adults from the China disabled people's performing art troupe during their production of "My Dream"

  293. STEP IN THE DARK - October 2010 - Ballet Program for Blind Youth.Video

    The Hartfel Foundation's outreach program for blind and visually-impaired children. Students benefit from the highly specialized ballet training.

  294. TapFever: Teens from Braille Institute "Son of a Preacher Man"Video

    Tap Fever Studios has been teaching some visually impaired & blind teens from the Braille Institute how to tap dance.

  295. Argentine Tango for the Blind and Visually Impaired Video

    The Shimmy Club, Inc. provides free classes teaching the social style of the art of Argentine Tango to blind, visually impaired and sighted youth

  296. Toying With Technology: RoboticsVideo

    12 blind high school students from Iowa worked in teams to disassemble, assemble, and reprogram robots built from intricate LEGO pieces.

  297. Surf's Up for the Blind and Visually ImpairedVideo

    In Southern California, it's all about heading for the beach where the Encinitas Lions Club teach the blind and visually impaired how to surf.

  298. National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (NAPVI) WebsiteLink

    NAPVI is a non-profit organization of, by and for parents committed to providing support to the parents of children who have visual impairments.

  299. FamilyConnect WebsiteLink

    FamilyConnect gives parents of visually impaired children a place to support each other, share stories and concerns, and link to local resources.

  300. Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) WebsiteLink

    Texas School for the Blind (TSBVI) serves as a special public school in the continuum of statewide placements for students who have a visual impairment.

  301. Utah School for the Deaf & Blind WebsiteLink

    Utah Schools for the Blind (USB) strives to provide high quality educational programs to students with vision loss throughout Utah.

  302. Utah Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DSBVI) WebsiteLink

    DSBVI provides support of employment and independence for individuals who have visual impairments or blindness.

  303. Apple Website: VoiceoverLink

    Apple website link that describes Voiceover and provides text and video tutorials on how to independently use.

  304. OverDrive: Pioneer Digital Media CollectionsLink

    Download best selling audiobooks, eBooks and videos from OverDrive 24/7 to your PC, Mac, or portable device. All you need is your library card to get started.

  305. Pioneer: Utah's Online Library WebsiteLink

    Pioneer is a virtual library created by the Utah State Library Division in cooperation with Utah's public libraries.

  306. UtahFutures.Org: Career Information SystemLink is Utah's career information system for students, job seekers, employment service providers, educational institutions and more…

  307. Utah Mentor: Utah's Premier Guide for College, Career, and Financial PlanningLink

    On Utah Mentor, you have access to a variety of college, career, and financial planning tools

  308. Utah's Transition Action Guide: Students With Disabilities & Team MembersLink

    Guide to help with the process of planning by teams for the transition from school to adult life for students with disabilities.

  309. Procedural Safeguards for Students with Disabilities & Their ParentsLink

  310. Wrightslaw WebsiteLink

    Wrightslaw is an amazing resource for accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.

  311. Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004 WebsiteLink

    Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004 website supported by the U.S. Department of Education

  312. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Web LinkLink

    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) web link

  313. Utah State Board of Education Rules Direct LinkLink

    Utah State Board of Education Rules direct link

  314. Utah Parent Center WebsiteLink

    The Utah Parent Center helps parents help their children with disabilities to live included, productive lives as members of the community.

  315. Hadley School for the BlindLink

    The Hadley School for the Blind promotes independent living through lifelong, distance education programs.

  316. Pathway to Independence: Learning BrailleVideo

    Pathway to Independence. This video training series covers the area of learning Braille.

  317. Pathway to Independence: Personal Information ManagementVideo

    Pathway to Independence. This video training series covers the area of managing personal information.

  318. Pathway to Independence: Techniques of Daily LivingVideo

    Pathway to Independence. This video training series covers different techniques of daily living.

  319. Pathway to Independence: Shopping & Organizing the KitchenVideo

    Pathway to Independence. This video training series covers shopping & organizing tips in the kitchen.

  320. Pathway to Independence: CookingVideo

    Pathway to Independence. This video training series covers the area of cooking.

  321. Pathway to Independence: Cane TravelVideo

    Pathway to Independence. This video training series covers the area of cane travel.

  322. Pathway to Independence: IntroductionVideo

    Pathways to Independence(c) is a production of the Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired

  323. Lions Marching Band Features Blind Trumpet PlayerVideo

    David Bouchard earned one of the coveted spots in the Mississippi Lion's All-State Band's trumpet section.

  324. Guided By MusicVideo

    ESPN story behind the Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Panthers

  325. Jaws Guide for using windows media player 11Article

    This windows user guide for media player 11 describes navigation. Jaws is the screen reader for the media player guide.

  326. A jaws users guide to a free audio editing program called AudacityArticle

  327. How to sign up and navigate the gmail email as a jaws user.Article

    A guide to gmail for jaws users: signing up and navigating the browser

  328. Free audio books in the public domainArticle

    Here is a description where to obtain audio books in the public domain. A description on how to navigate the page where they can be obtained.

  329. A Jaws guide to learning how to use Internet Explorer 8Article

    A detailed user guide in learning how to use IE 8

  330. How to use Outlook Express in XPArticle

    This is a Jaws guide on how to use Outlook Express. It will not work in Windows 7 only XP and earlier.

  331. Pairing an iPhone with a Braille Note ApexAudio

    Trouble shooting tips for pairing an iPhone with the Braille Note Apex

  332. How to use hotmail as a blind user effectivelyQuestion

    I want to help my blind friends use hotmail to read email, get attachments, and send it without them hating the email client. Does any one have ideas how this can be done?

  333. Introduction to Sound Forge Audio

    This is a basic description on how to edit and save audio in the sound Forge program version 7 8 or 9.

  334. 2010 People's Design Award: Braille Alphabet BraceletVideo

    Acceptance speech by Leslie Ligon (At First Sight), after being awarded the 2010 People's Design Award for her Braille Alphabet Bracelet.

  335. At First Sight: Braille Jewelry You'll Fall in Love WithLink

    At First Sight: Braille Jewelry created by Leslie Ligon to promote Braille literacy.

  336. Jewelry in Braille: K. Fehr DesignsLink

    Handmade Braille jewelry for those who are blind and visually impaired as well as regular everyday pieces. Braille necklaces,pendants, bracelets and custom items.

  337. Creative Adaptations for Learning (CAL)Link

    Creative Adaptations for Learning (CAL) creates and publishes innovative educational braille flashcards, embossed pictures, and tactile illustrations.

  338. More About Braille On the Net: Resource WebpageLink

    Enabling Technologies' "More About Braille on the Net" resource page.

  339. Recipes for Tactual Skills Development - and FUN!Link

    Recipes for tactual skills development - and FUN! by the Statewide Vision Resource Centre

  340. Tactual Marker Ideas By the Statewide Vision Resource CentreLink

    Tactual marker ideas by the Statewide Vision Resource Centre

  341. Simple Drawings with your Perkins BraillerArticle

    Simple drawings with your perkins brailler by the Statewide Vision Resource Centre

  342. Tips & Tricks for the Tactual LearnerLink

    The Statewide Vision Resource Centre's tips and tricks for the tactual learner.

  343. Braille Flashcards Computer ApplicationLink

    Braille Flashcards Applications for both sighted and visually impaired users running on both Mac and PC.

  344. AFB Braille Bug WebsiteLink

    The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) created the Braille Bug® web site to teach sighted children about braille, and to encourage literacy among all children.

  345. Blind WrestlerVideo

    Video highlighting Jeshua Aveno, a successful wrestler who happens to be blind.

  346. Tips to Help a Blind GolferVideo

    Jeremy Poincenot, IBGA World Blind Golf Champion, and his coach/guide dad explain how they work together to hit a drive

  347. Pebble - Portable Handheld Electronic Magnifier for Low VisionVideo

    Pebble - Portable Handheld Electronic Magnifier by Enhanced Vision USA

  348. SmartView Versa: Handheld MagnifierVideo

    SmartView Versa: Handheld Magnifier by Humanware

  349. SmartView 360: Desktop Video MagnifierVideo

    The Smartview 360 is a desktop video magnifier by Humanware.

  350. Music by EarLink

  351. Student Has No Trouble Visualizing A Doctorate in ChemistryLink

    Article written by Ed Fletcher in the Sacramento Bee about Henry "Hoby" Wedler, a blind doctorate student studying organic chemistry at UC Davis.

  352. Blind man driving Motor Boat SoloArticle

    Blind Bahamian Attempts driving Motor Boat Completely Solo. He will be alone on the leed boat, guided by radio only.

  353. Blind Man driving Motor Boat SoloArticle

    Blind Bahamian Attempts driving Motor Boat Completely Solo. He will be alone on leed boat, guided by radio only.

  354. ZoomText Xtra TutorialLink

    ZoomText® Xtra is a software program that combines large print and screen reading when using Windows application

  355. BrailleNote TutorialLink

    Link to 9 modules/tutorials on how to use the BrailleNote, a portable reading and writing system.

  356. Jaws TutorialLink

    This comprehensive tutorial provides specifics on using JAWS with Windows

  357. Surviving Teen Driving: Tips for Blind Parents by Judy JonesArticle

    Article in the January 2008, Braille Monitor

  358. Cars, Teenagers, and Insurance by Ramona WalhofArticle

    Kernel Story in Kernel Book Number 16: "Remember to Feed the Kittens"

  359. Changing a Tire: Project STRIVEVideo

    Video showing Project STRIVE Mentor, Kirt Manwaring starting the process of changing a tire.

  360. Helpful Hints About Teaching Braille Reading by Dr. Sally Mangold Article

    Future Reflections article filled with helpful tips on teaching Braille reading skills to students by expert, Dr. Sally Mangold.

  361. Braille Tracking Using Mangold LessonVideo

    Braille Tracking Using Mangold Lesson

  362. Read2Go Video with Short Download DemonstrationVideo

    Read2Go is an accessible e-reader app for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch that allows readers with print disabilities to access books.

  363. GEB Guide Dog Salty and Omar Rivera at WTC on 9/11Video

    This is the story of Omar Rivera and his guide dog Salty at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

  364. Starbucks new Braille CardLink

    Starbucks comes out with a Braille Gift Card

  365. Michael Hingson & His Guide Dog Roselle: Surviving 9/11 Video

    Michael Hingson is a blind man who survived the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 with the help of his guide dog Roselle.

  366. blind medical transcriptionist.Question

  367. Using iPhone 4 with a Braille DisplayVideo

    Victor Tsaran of the Yahoo! Accessibility Lab demonstrates how to use a refreshable braille display to drive the iPhone.

  368. Review of Braille Tack-TilesVideo

    "Tack-Tiles® Braille Systems are a sophisticated teaching tool for all ages based on LEGO®-type blocks

  369. How to Connect a Mountbatten Brailler to a ComputerVideo

    How to Connect a Mountbatten Brailler to a Computer. 13 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay

  370. Making The Mountbatten Brailler Easy For A Classroom TeacherVideo

    Making The Mountbatten Brailler Easy For A Classroom Teacher. 12 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay

  371. Mountbatten Brailler: Printing Video

    Mountbatten Brailler: Printing. 11 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay.

  372. Mountbatten Brailler: Introducing Contractions in Groups Using the Pattern Series. Video

    Mountbatten Brailler: Introducing Contractions in Groups Using the Pattern Series. 10 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay.

  373. Mountbatten Brailler: Using a Keyboard.Video

    Mountbatten Brailler: Using a Keyboard. 9 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay.

  374. Mountbatten Brailler: Simple Brailling Into MemoryVideo

    Mountbatten Brailler: Simple Brailling Into Memory. 8 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay.

  375. Mountbatten Brailler: Formatting BrailleVideo

    Mountbatten Brailler: Formatting Braille. 7 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay.

  376. Mountbatten Brailler: Graphics ModeVideo

    Mountbatten Brailler: Graphics Mode. 6 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay.

  377. Mountbatten Brailler: Issuing CommandsVideo

    Mountbatten Brailler: Issuing Commands. 5 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay.

  378. Mountbatten Brailler: Brailling BasicsVideo

    Mountbatten Brailler: Brailling Basics. 4 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay.

  379. Mountbatten Brailler: All About PaperVideo

    Mountbatten Brailler: All About Paper. 3 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay.

  380. Mountbatten Brailler: Starting From Factory DefaultsVideo

    Mountbatten Brailler: Starting From Factory Defaults. 2 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay.

  381. Introduction to the Mountbatten BraillerVideo

    Mountbatten Brailler: Introduction 1 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay.

  382. Mountbatten Basics: Using MB Comm SoftwareVideo

    Mountbatten Basics: Using MB Comm Software . 14 of 14 Training Modules by Steve Barclay

  383. Using iTunes on the PCQuestion

    Jaws and iTunes. How do I purchase songs, create playlists and download apps for the iPhone?

  384. Art History Through Touch and SoundVideo

    Demonstration of the ways to use tactile diagrams contained in Art History Through Touch and Sound volumes

  385. John Bramblitt, Blind Artist DocumentaryVideo

    Documentary on blind artist, John Bramblitt

  386. John Bramblitt, A Blind ArtistVideo

    Part of CBS continuing series "American Spirit," Don Teague profiles John Bramblitt, a blind artist who uses his imagination to transform canvases.

  387. Insights Art Exhibition of works by artists who are blind or visually impairedVideo

    Images from LightHouse for the Blind's Insights Art Exhibition at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery.

  388. Visually-Impaired Students Touch the Stars in Special Hubble ImageVideo

  389. Lime Lighter Demonstration: Low Vision Solution for MusicVideo

    The Lime Lighter displays printed music notation using the traditional five-line staff, allowing user to magnify the music up to 10 times the original size.

  390. I'm visually impaired. How do you answer the question, "Why do you use that stick (cane).. you're not blind?"Question

  391. What type of technology do you use on a daily basis? Why?Question

  392. What accessible e-reader do you like the best and why?Question

  393. Yeast and Gluten Free BreadArticle

    Great recipe for those who are sensitive to gluten and/or yeast!

  394. Beginner's guide to the NFB National Convention.Audio

    The beginner's guide to the NFB National Convention provides important information about this annual convention.

  395. National Federation of the Blind Public Email ListservsLink

    The National Federation of the Blind hosts over 100 public email listservs. This proves to be a successful venue to ask questions, and share applicable information.

  396. Blindkid Mailing ListservLink

    The blindkid email listserv is a great resource for sharing information with people interested in the welfare and development of blind and visually impaired children.

  397. National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC)Link

    Founded in 1983, the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children is a national membership organization of parents and friends of blind children.

  398. NFB Newsline: An Introduction to the service for new users.Audio

    NFB Newsline: An audio introduction to the service for new users.

  399. A Practicing Blind PhysicianAudio

    Audio of Dr. Tim Cordes speech given July 8, 2009 at the National Federation of the Blind Convention

  400. Blindness: Handicap or CharacteristicAudio

    An address delivered by Kenneth Jernigan at the NFB National Convention, 1963

  401. NOAH: Connecting the Albinism CommunityVideo

    NOAH: (National Organization of Albinism and Hypopigmentation). Connecting the Albinism Community

  402. Chieko Asakawa: 2011 Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision Award for LeadershipVideo

    Chieko Asakawa is an IBM Fellow and Chief Technology Officer of Accessibility Research and Technology at IBM Research.

  403. Black Eyed Peas Singer Talks About His Visual Impairment Video speaks of Black Eyed Peas speaks exclusively with Rhyme & Reason about the struggles of being legally blind.

  404. Effective IEP Advocacy for Children and Students with AlbinismVideo

    NOAH's webinar series: "Effective IEP Advocacy for Children and Students with Albinism". Presenter: Kimberly Avila

  405. Jake Olson's Inspirational Story of Surviving CancerVideo

    Jake Olson's Inspirational Story of Surviving Cancer

  406. NFB's Reach for Your Dreams: Jake OlsonAudio

    13 year old Jake Olson tells how he was able to achieve success despite the obstacles he encountered.

  407. NFB's Reach For Your Dreams: Louis PosinAudio

    Louis Posin tells how he was able to achieve success despite the obstacles he encountered in this seminar sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind.

  408. NFB's Reach For Your Dreams: Michael MayAudio

    Mike May tells how he was able to achieve success despite the obstacles he encountered in this seminar sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind.

  409. NFB's Reach For Your Dreams: Ever Lee HairstonAudio

    Ever Lee Hairston tells how she was able to achieve success despite the obstacles she encountered throughout her life.

  410. An Overview of Retinopathy of PrematurityAudio

    Braille Institute Telephone Lecture: Dr. Bill Takeshita gives an overview of retinopathy of prematurity. Vision problems characteristic of premature infants.

  411. An Overview of Optic Nerve HypoplasiaAudio

    Dr. Borchert discusses Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, his current research and answers questions from a telephone audience.

  412. Anatomy of Eye & Common Eye Conditions in ChildrenAudio

    Dr. Bill Takeshita discusses common causes of vision impairment among children.

  413. Demonstration on Push Button PadlockVideo

    Demonstration on the push button padlock, an accessible padlock for school or recreation.

  414. Back-to-School Supplies SuggestionsAudio

    Dr. Bill Takeshita from AIRS-LA gives suggestions for school supplies that may help blind or visually impaired students.

  415. Living With Low Vision: "Tips to help you with grooming"Audio

    Dr. Bill Takeshita from AIRS-LA discusses some useful tips for personal care and grooming.

  416. Macintosh Computers for people with low vision.Audio

    Dr. Bill Takeshita from AIRS-LA discusses the benefits of an Apple Macintosh computer for people with vision impairments.

  417. How to select a desktop video magnifierAudio

    Dr. Bill Takeshita from AIRS-LA explains how to select a desktop video magnifier.

  418. iPad Versus the NetbookAudio

    Dr. Bill Takeshita from AIRS-LA explains the differences between the iPad and Netbook.

  419. Living with Low Vision: "The Benefits of Using A Cane" Audio

    Dr. Bill Takeshita from AIRS-LA explains the benefits of using a white cane.

  420. Student Help: Communicate With Your TeachersAudio

    Dr. Bill Takeshita from AIRS-LA explains why it's important to set up a meeting with your school teacher.

  421. Vision Talk: How and Why of Using Facebook. Audio

    On the Vision Talk Project, Dr. Bill Takeshita interviews Julian Vargas, who shares some valuable tips on how to set up a Facebook page.

  422. Making the transition from Windows Xp to Windows 7Article

  423. Description of how to use the websiteAudio

  424. you might have albinism if...Video

    Ashley and Matt talk about albinism in a funny way.

  425. www.seedlings.orgLink

    Braille books for children at cheap prices!

  426. www.wonderbaby.orgLink

  427. The Start Menu in Windows 7Audio

    Here are a few tips that will take out the frustration of navigating the start menu in Windows 7.

  428. Windows 7 at a glanceAudio

    Take the mystery and the confusion right out of Windows 7 and enjoy the new features.

  429. Download Youtube video as MP3Link

    Download your favorite YouTube videos as mp3 files without registration.

  430. Cheap Talking MP3 Players!Link

    Looking for a MP3 player? "Below $100"?

  431. Albinism Saga (Part 3/3)Video

    Information about albinism from Matt and Ashley. Both have albinism.

  432. Albinism Saga (Part 2/3)Video

    Information about albinism from Matt and Ashley. Both have albinism.

  433. Albinism Saga (Part 1/3)Video

    Information about albinism from Matt and Ashley. Both have albinism.

  434. Read2Go Demo by Lara LongVideo

    Read2Go is a new Apple app from Bookshare for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  435. They Trusted MeArticle

    Two sighted people trust me to show them around Utah State University

  436. Summer Camp helps Visually Impaired Students Gain ConfidenceVideo

    Fox 13 report on UFB's annual Sports Camp for blind and visually impaired Jr. High and High School students.

  437. What options are out there to learn how to read Braille music for the piano?Question

    I am a Braille reader and would like to learn Braille music.

  438. How do I get Jaws to bring up a list of the buttons on the internet?Question

  439. Reading highlighted text after searching on computerQuestion

    Struggling to see the pale colours used by the computer to highlight text when I have used a "search" function. This can be in a word document, pdf, or web page.

  440. Accessible tuner Question

    I am looking for an accessible tuner

  441. Keyboard shortcuts for itunes using a MacArticle

    helpful iTunes hints for Mac users

  442. Quiet electric cars 'pose no danger' to visually impairedArticle

    I definitely do not agree with this article but thought readers might find it interesting!

  443. A Blind Individual gives Tips on Making Money OnlineLink

    Helpful resource from a blind person's perspective offering tips on making some extra cash through filling out online surveys.

  444. Easier watching of Youtube video'sLink

    Are you struggling with the Youtube interface? Here's a website which makes it easier!

  445. Walking out into darkness and uncertaintyArticle

    My first days at university, i didn't want to explore around campus on my own. I was scared because it was so big! Tips on helping you go out and do it!

  446. Seeing With Sound - Using Flash SonarArticle

    How do blind people navigate around without walking into things? I use echo location to detect opsticles in my way and to get a picture of the area around me.

  447. How do I get started with Pod Casts? Question

    I need basic information and specific suggestions.

  448. iPhone charging plug right side up Article

    When plugging in my iPhone, this is how I determine which side of the charging cord plug is right side up.

  449. NASA develops free tactile book about the moon for the blindArticle

  450. Ford proves blind can drive a stickArticle

  451. First known Blind Movie Critic to appear on Jimmy Kimmel LiveArticle

    First published by the Associated Press

  452. Changing a diaperArticle

    A few years back, the topic of how one goes about changing a diaper came up on the Blind Parents discussion list. (The Blind Parents discussion list is a mailing list where blind parents talk about raising children while blind.) Here is what I sent the group as a response (with minor edits and clarifications).

  453. Podcast: Accessible games for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch from SerotekAudio

    This is a podcast from Serotek, the makers of System Access, that talks about accessible games for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

  454. Where to find out which DVD's offer a Descriptive Video Track. You may be even able to purchase these from itunes! Link

  455. How to find out which movie theater is showing descriptive Movies.Link

  456. Traveling with a guide dog, the trials of getting thereArticle

    Getting a dog is no easy task, especially with people trying unintentually to hold you back...

  457. Apple Accessibility and product demonstrations by Everette BaconLink

  458. Harry Potter in Descriptive VideoArticle

    The latest DVS movie starting 7/15 at Megaplex 20 at the District in South Jordan, Utah

  459. Caroline Casey: Looking Past LimitsVideo

    From the day she was born, Caroline Casey parents chose not tell her about her blindness. Listen to Caroline's journey of truth and self belief.

  460. How to clean out an old computer.Article

    This article tells you what you need to do when changing out your computers.

  461. Disability RightsLink

    Want to know how to be a better advocate?

  462. F123 SystemsLink

    Potentially great free screen reader/magnifier

  463. Got any old electronics you want to get rid of?Link

    Really cool place to get rid of old electronics

  464. Memoirs of a blind SwitcherArticle

    Very interesting article for those of you thinking of switching from a PC to a Mac.

  465. TV SpeakArticle

    This is a new way to keep track of what's on TV

  466. Larry Woody, Blind Car MechanicLink

    Larry Woody lost his vision five years ago in an auto accident. That hasn't stopped him from continuing his first love - being a mechanic

  467. Future of assistive technologyArticle

  468. Braille Story Time during the 2010 Utah BELL (Braille Enrichment Literacy & Learning) ProgramVideo

    Ron Gardner is the special guest during 2010 Utah BELL (Braille Enrichment Literacy & Learning) story time.

  469. Sight Unseen by Mashawna ThompsonArticle

    Article in Future Reflections written by Mashawna Thompson, a past board member of NOAH (National Organization for Albinism & Hypopigmentation).

  470. Braille User Numbers Decline- CBS News Video

    Michelle Miller of CBS News reports on the decline of Braille users. The National Federation of the Blind says only 10 percent of visually impaired students are learning Braille.

  471. Kristen Cox shares eye makeup tips and tricks!Video

    Kristen Cox shares her personal eye makeup tips and tricks!

  472. Kristen Cox shares how she distinguishes shampoo from conditioner bottles.Video

    Kristen Cox shares how she tells the difference between shampoo from conditioner bottles.

  473. Kristen Cox gives tips on how to match clothing in your wardrobeVideo

    Kristen Cox shares her system on how she matches clothing in her wardrobe.

  474. Kristen Cox gives tips on how she organizes her wardrobe closetVideo

    Kristen Cox (director of Utah Workforce Services) gives tips on how she organizes her wardrobe closet

  475. Kristen Cox shows how she buys jewelry & organizes necklacesVideo

  476. Kristen Cox shows how she organizes her jewelryVideo

    Kristen Cox shows how and why she organizes her jewelry.

  477. Kristen Cox shows how and why she organizes her makeupVideo

    Kristen Cox shows how and why she organizes her makeup & gives a few makeup tips.

  478. Kristen Cox shows how she organizes her kitchen pantry.Video

    Kristen shows how she organizes her kitchen pantry.

  479. Kristen Cox shows how she uses her microwave & oven controls.Video

    Kristen Cox answers the questions, "How do you know the temperature on your oven and independently use the controls on your microwave or stove?"

  480. Kristen Cox shows how she uses her Apple TV Video

    Kristen Cox gives a brief introduction to Apple TV and answers questions from blind teenagers related to navigating her t.v.

  481. Adapted Human Foosball for Blind & Visually ImpairedVideo

    Video showing Project STRIVE teens playing a game of adapted human foosball.

  482. Research on Sun Protection and How It Affects People with AlbinismVideo

    Dr. Aisha Sethi MD from the University of Chicago shares her research on Sun Protection and how it affects people with Albinism.

  483. Vision in Albinism: Structure and FunctionVideo

    Webinar giving overview of the eye and how it works, how vision develops, and then focus on the functional and structural differences in an individual with albinism.

  484. 8 Year Old Kendra Holloway Wins National Braille CompetitionVideo

    Interview with 8-year-old, Kendra Holloway who won first place in the 2011 Braille Challenge.

  485. Web Site all about STEM techniques for the blindLink

    This web site contains articles on how to teach, learn and adapt science, technology, math, and engineering for blind students.

  486. Cooking with a flat-topped stoveArticle

    When we first moved into our home, I was quite disappointed to learn that our stove is electric and not gas. Even worse, the stove has a perfectly smooth glass top, so it is impossible to tell where the burners are without sight, or so I thought.

  487. The iPad 2 ChallengeArticle

    Drum roll, the winner is

  488. Summer downhill skiing at Snowbird Utah with Brook SextonVideo

    Brook Sexton is an expert skier who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brook was born blind but hasn't let that stop her from achieving her dreams.

  489. To Climb Every Mountain: The Blind Climber Planning to Stand on Top of the World by Erik WeihenmayerArticle

    To Climb Every Mountain: The Blind Climber Planning to Stand on Top of the World by Erik Weihenmayer. Reprint from Braille Monitor, December 1999

  490. Blind Skydiving RecordVideo

    "BJ" Fleming of California/Oregon 1900+ jumps, and Dan Rossi of Pennsylvania 300+ jumps, stepped off the tailgate of a Casa at 14,000 feet and into the skydiving history books, becoming the first two blind skydivers to ever be in freefall together."

  491. Do you know any blind skydivers?Question

    I have a blind Canadian friend who wants to get in contact with blind sky divers who have their certificate.

  492. Yummy Chocolate Chip CookiesArticle

    These cookies are a hit with any group of people! Perfect for family gatherings of any size!

  493. Knowing is Not Enough by Laura WeberAudio

    On July 7, 2010, Laura Weber spoke at the NFB National Convention in Dallas on a panel called "The Failure of the Education System in Meeting the Needs of the Blind."

  494. Raising a Blind Child 101: Join the NOPBC! by Laura WeberArticle

    Article, written by Laura Weber, current President of the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC) when daughter was 5 years old.

  495. Downloading BARD Books with Internet Explorer 9Article

    A public post from the BARD-Support list. Instructions from the NLS Technical Support Team that concisely explains the process of downloading anything with Internet Explorer9, not just books.

  496. Recipe and Instructions for Cheese Corn Bake Audio

    Cheese Corn Bake Recipe and Instructions read by JaNae Olsen

  497. Recipe and instructions for Caramel BrowniesAudio

    Caramel Brownies recipe and instructions read by JaNae Olsen

  498. How to Make Open Office AccessibleAudio

    A demo on how to make open office accessible using java access bridge.

  499. Chunky Chicken Vegetable SoupAudio

    Taken from the Good Seasoning Italian Dressing Box and read by JaNae Olsen

  500. How to Navigate folders on the victor streamAudio

  501. How do I upload a YouTube video to blindhowArticle

  502. Here is a brief walk through of how to create a music playlist on the Victor Reader Stream using the Humanware companion softwareAudio

  503. Blind Woman Skis at SnowbirdVideo

    With the assistance of her guide, Brook Sexton skis black diamond courses at Snowbird Resort in Utah.

  504. Where Do I Find Braille, Large Print, or Digital Books? Free is Good.Question

  505. What Recreational Opportunities Are Available in Utah for Blind or Visually Impaired Individuals?Article

    Utah has many affordable, recreational opportunities for blind or visually impaired individuals of all ages! Check out the article for more information and links.

  506. How Do I Become a Patron at the Utah Library for the Blind?Question

    Information on how to sign up for the Utah Library for the Blind. Includes eligibility, resources and application.

  507. Blind Little League All Star PitcherVideo

    Blind in left eye, and only peripheral vision in his left, Brady Smith, pitches for an All Star baseball team.

  508. Matt Steven: Seeing is Believing FINALVideo

    Can blind basketball player Matt Steven make two free throws to win the game for his high school, St. Laurence?

  509. Learn To Match ClothesVideo

    Techniques and tips how how a blind or visually impaired person matches their clothes.

  510. Dennis Hong: Making a car for blind driversVideo

    Professor Dennis Hong directs the Virginia Tech College of Engineering Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory. Hong spoke about the Blind Drivers Challenge in a prestigious TED Talk in March 2011.

  511. Paralympic Swimmer with AlbinismVideo

  512. Blind Triathlete Conquers Ironman CourseVideo

    Dave Bigoney, a blind triathlete conquers his second Ironman course.

  513. Fighting Against The Odds, Blind Swimmer at Notre DameVideo

    A Norte Dame video highlighting Ashley Nashleanas, a student and paralympic athlete and swimmer.

  514. Touching the Top of EverestVideo

    Blind Adventurer, Erik Weihenmayer reaches the summit of Mount Everest, the world's highest peak.

  515. Global Explorers Mexican Volcano ClimbVideo

    A group of blind and sighted students from the US and Mexico climbed the third highest mountain in Mexico led by Erik Weihenmayer.

  516. Training Uri, the education of a guide dogVideo

    Blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer trains his new guide dog, Uri.

  517. Adaptive P.E. Games for Blind and Visually Impaired StudentsVideo

    Adaptive P.E. games for blind and visually impaired students by Elina Mullen, Ed.D., from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired of Austin, Texas.

  518. Albinism-Redefining Beauty, Rick GuidottiVideo

    As an award-winning fashion photographer, Rick has spent over a decade working with advocacy groups to transform the perception of individuals with genetic differences (including albinism) through photography.

  519. Windows 7 Taskbar Jaws GuideArticle

    Jaws guide to the taskbar on Windows 7, that covers the Start menu, the taskbar buttons, and the Notification area.

  520. Windows Explorer 7 GuideLink

    Windows Explorer 7 guide for users of the Jaws screen reader, written by David Bailes.

  521. Blind SeaLink is a website that provides information related to talking mobile phones, education, text games and software.

  522. SolonaLink

    Solona is a company that offers solutions to solve captchas on the internent via human voices.

  523. Blind Cool TechLink

    Blind Cool Tech is a free website where people post links to podcasts about assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired.

  524. Dictionary.comLink is a an accessible, reliable, and free online dictionary

  525. Here is a brief overview of how to use the ribbons and the quick access toolbar in Microsoft Word 2007Audio

    This is a test

  526. Fred's Head from APHLink

    The Fred's Head blog contains tips, techniques, tutorials, in-depth articles, and resources for and by blind or visually impaired people.

  527. Handy Tech North America WebsiteLink

    "Handy Tech North America is a great resource for Index brand Braille embossers, E.Z. Braille displays, and Macintosh training.

  528. Blind Bargains WebsiteLink

    "Blind Bargains provides the latest deals, and news for the blind and visually impaired

  529. Next Generation Technologies WebsiteLink

    Next Generation Technologies is the main source for JSAY and other voice recognition information

  530. AppleVis WebsiteLink

    AppleVis is a community powered site for vision-impaired users of Apple's iOS devices.

  531. Windows Mail GuideLink

    A guide for users of the Jaws screen reader, written by David Bailes.

  532. Top Tech TidbitsLink

    Top Tech Tidbits is a weekly email newsletter giving the latest in assistive technology news.

  533. Blind Treasure Email List ServeLink

    Blind Treasures is an email list serve where people post items they want to sell, most items are assistive technology.

  534. Dancing Dots Link

    Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology, L.P., was founded in 1992 to develop and adapt music technology for the blind.

  535. Faking It No LongerArticle

    Faking it No Longer by Cheralyn Braithwaite Creer. Republished in Future Reflections, Special Issue: Low Vision and Blindness 2005

  536. Blind Bike Trials Short DocumentaryVideo

    Short documentary on Matt Gillman, a blind bike trials rider and lead bike mechanic

  537. Independent Living Tip: Telling TimeVideo

    Options for telling time with low or no vision, including talking clocks and Braille watches.

  538. Using Digit-Eyes on the iPhoneVideo

    Demonstration of using iPhone app Digit-Eyes to scan bar-codes of products and identify them.

  539. Money Reader vs. Eyenote apps for iPhoneVideo

    Accessible technology demonstrate two currency identification iPhone apps, the LookTel Money Reader and the Eyenote.

  540. Iowa Department For the Blind Student Fixes LawnmowerVideo

    Orientation Center student gets his confidence back when he shows himself he can fix a broken lawnmower without using his vision.

  541. Day in the Life of A Freshman College StudentVideo

    John B. describes life as freshman at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois

  542. Independent Living Tip: Organizing Your MoneyVideo

    Learn about non-visual techniques to organize and identify the money in your wallet. Produced by the Iowa Department for the Blind.

  543. How to Apply Make UpVideo

    Esther Smith, a woman with macular degeneration, shows make-up application tips for people who are blind or visually impaired

  544. Golfing with Vision LossVideo

    Bruce Hooper, a visually impaired golfer, talks about his love for the sport.

  545. Beep Baseball is on ESPN.comVideo

    The video is a great presentation of the sport of beep baseball on

  546. Field of Beeps: Video about Beep BaseballVideo

    Video highlighting the Long Island Bombers, a beep baseball team.

  547. Future Reflections, a magazine for parents and teachers of blind children. Link

    Future Reflections is a magazine for parents and teachers of blind children. Future Reflections is available free of charge to subscriber addresses in the United States.

  548. Free White Cane ProgramLink

    Information about the National Federation of the Blind's Free White Cane Program.

  549. The Utah Parents of Blind Children (UPBC) BlogLink

    The Utah Parents of Blind Children (UPBC) blog with upcoming activities, resources, and contact information.

  550. Pop-Up IEP for Parents and AdvocatesLink

    The “Pop-up IEPs” (interactive fact sheets) is a helpful to counter stumbling blocks when discussing Individualized Education Programs with public school officials.

  551. Preschooler with cane descending escalatorVideo

    Young blind children can be independent and safe on escalators using their cane and non visual techniques.

  552. Techniques for the Blind - Making a SandwichVideo

    Helpful non visual techniques and tips on how to make a sandwich.

  553. How much do you pay a personal driver?Question

  554. Virtual Ribbon MenusAudio

    Jaws 12 makes navigating Office 2007 and Office 2010 ribbons even easier with a virtual ribbon. Tutorial by Freedom Scientific

  555. Techniques for the Blind - Using an OvenVideo

    Helpful non visual techniques and tips on how to safely use a conventional oven.

  556. Techniques for the Blind - Preparing Fruits and VegetablesVideo

    Non visual techniques and tips on how to prepare fruits and vegetables. Includes, how to peal and slice a potato, apple and general knife safety.

  557. The Assistive Technology Show for December 01, 2010 Podcast by: Steve SawczynLink

  558. The Assistive Technology Show for March 9, 2011 Podcast by: Steve SawczynLink

  559. I Have A VisionAudio

    Barbie Elliott a professional singer song writer composed, played and sang this song about blindness when she was 15.

  560. How to use pandora with JAWSQuestion

    Pandora is a website radio station that allows you to create personal stations by letting you choose songs and then it chooses more songs based on your choices. You then can click "if you like or don’t like the music and it continues to taylor your music for you. I want to know how to make it more accessible for screen reader users.

  561. Kristen Cox, Executive Director for the Utah Department of Workforce ServicesVideo

    Kristen Cox, Executive Director for the Utah Department of Workforce Services says her blindness is one characteristic among many

  562. Tips on How To Navigate a Cafeteria Video

    Video that describes and shows helpful tips and techniques on how to navigate and dine successfully in a cafeteria setting.

  563. Folding Money- Tips for the BlindVideo

    Video describing a folding system to easily identify money.

  564. What can I do now to prepare my 3 year old for independent living?Question

    Question: What can I do now to prepare my 3 year old for independent living?

  565. ABiSee Testimonial on Zoom-Ex for the MacVideo

    ABiSee testimonial from Albert on the Zoom-Ex for the Mac.

  566. ABiSee - Eye-Pal Solo DemonstrationVideo

    Eye-Pal SOLO: Instant reading device for vision loss.

  567. ABiSee - Eye-Pal: How to Create a New BookVideo

    How to create a new book using ABiSee's Eye Pal.

  568. ABiSee Mac SupportArticle

    Eye-Pal and Zoom-Ex now work with Mac computers

  569. ABiSEE - Zoom-Twix: How to Freeze and Save an ImageVideo

    How to freeze and save an Image using ABiSEE's Zoom-Twix.

  570. IBSA World Blind Soccer Championship 2010 Video

    Overview of IBSA's world blind soccer championship

  571. Deja Powell and Lucas Atkinson Wedding Ceremony: Braille VowsVideo

    Deja Powell is classy, hip, passionate, beautiful and Steeler's biggest fan. Oh yea, she happens to be blind.

  572. Acrobat LCD, Electronic Magnifier for Low VisionVideo

    The Acrobat LCD features a 3 in 1 camera for reading, distance, and self viewing at any distance.

  573. A Quick Guide for SmartView™ Graduate Portable MagnifierVideo

    The SmartView Graduate is a light portable video magnifier and CCTV viewer.

  574. The Transformer, A Portable Electronic Video Magnifier.Video

    The Transformer, a portable electronic video magnifier for reading, distance and self viewing needs.

  575. The Braille Rap SongAudio

    The Braille Rap song was written to teach Braille in a fun, creative way!

  576. Bookshare & Victor Stream Download Training Audio

    Audio tutorial on how to transfer bookshare files to the Victor Stream Reader.

  577. Victor Reader StreamVideo

    Overview of the Victor Stream Reader by Humanware.

  578. Blind Student Curtis Holman Demonstrates BookshareVideo

    Curtis Holman, a student at the Alabama School for the Blind. Curtis reads digital books from on his BrailleNote, a portable Braille device. The Bookshare library is available to all people with qualified disabilities and free to all qualified U.S. students of any age. Please visit for more information.

  579. ZoomReader for the iPhone & iTouchVideo

    Introducing ZoomReader a combination video magnifier and reader for the iPhone and iPod touch

  580. Ai Squared Product Spotlight: Victor Reader StreamVideo

    This video shows you how to use your Victor Reader Stream.

  581. ExcelColumnAndRowHeadersAudio

  582. ABiSEE: How to save a document as an imageVideo

    Saving a document as an image

  583. ABiSEE - Zoom-Twix TutorialVideo

    Zoom-Twix Tutorial

  584. Victor Stream: BookmarksAudio

    Made by HumanWare

  585. Victor Stream: Voice RecordingsAudio

    Made by HumanWare

  586. Victor Stream: OverviewAudio

    Made by HumanWare

  587. Victor Stream: IntroductionAudio

    Made by HumanWare

  588. ABiSee - Zoom Ex: How to Use Different Formatted Text Modes Video

  589. Introduction to BrailleVideo

    A 7 minute video that visually introduces the braille alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks which are found in Grade 1 Braille (uncontracted Braille).

  590. What Is Goalball?Video

    Highlights of the goalball during the Beijing Paralympic Games.

  591. Print, Braille, or Both: Exploring the Many Options for Literacy in Children with AlbinismArticle

    Parent opinion on how her children have been successful at using both print and braille.

  592. Braille User Numbers DeclineVideo

    The National Federation of the Blind says only 10 percent of visually impaired students are learning Braille. Michelle Miller of CBS reports.

  593. Straight Talk About Vision Loss, Episode 37Video

    Mark Riccobono chats with Laura Weber, President of the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children.

  594. OUT OF BOUNDS: O'Neill's Blind Surf AcademyVideo

    Blind and visually impaired children are taught how to surf as part of The Out of Bounds program within The O'Neill Surf Academy.

  595. Relative and Absolute Cell Reference for ExcelAudio

  596. Safely Remove Thumb DriveAudio

  597. How to Use Goal Seek in ExcelAudio

  598. Kurzweil Tutorial on Scanning and Saving a DocumentAudio

  599. Introduction to KurzweilAudio

  600. Authorizing a Daisy Player for RFBAudio

  601. Should My Child Learn Print, Braille or Both?Question

    Marla Palmer, parent of 2 children with albinism shares her views of should a child learn print, braille, or both?

  602. Why Are You Trying To Make That Child Blind? by Carol CastellanoAudio

    Audio of Carol Castellano's speech given July 8, 2009 at the National Federation of the Blind Convention.

  603. Tim Cordes one of few blind doctors in U.S. Written by: Todd FinkelmeyerArticle

    Article published in The Capital Times on June 2, 2010. "Dr. Tim Cordes, one of only 143 students who earned a slot at UW-Madison Medical School out of 2,300 who applied. Published reports in 1998 indicated Cordes was only the second blind person ever admitted to a U.S. medical school. The first was David Hartman, a 1976 Temple grad and psychiatrist in Virginia whom Cordes considers a role model."

  604. Diane Rose, Blind QuilterVideo

  605. A Mom Talks with the Director of Special EducationVideo

    A satirical and slightly sarcastic look at a typical conversation between the parent of a child with special needs and an official from the school district who isn't quite getting it. Created by the Special Education Attorneys at Frankel & Kershenbaum.

  606. Zahne Choat, Legally Blind Football Lineman.Video

    Video that shows Zahne Coat, a visually impaired football linebacker who received a scholarship to play for Waldorf College in Iowa.

  607. Seeing The Possibilities: Blind Chemistry Students Get A Taste of Independence in the Lab Written by: Linda WangArticle

    Chemical & Engineering News article written July 23, 2007 featuring Dr. Cary Supalo, a blind scientist and educator.

  608. Eugene's Blind Mechanic Teacher: Hometown Heros Written by: Davin CoburnLink

    Popular Mechanics article featuring Larry Woody, a blind mechanic teacher living in Eugene Oregon.

  609. Blind Chef, Lisa Martinez gains National claimVideo

    Despite her blindness, Moline native Laura Martinez has graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Chicago and landed a job as a chef at the prestigious Charlie Trotter's restaurant in Chicago.

  610. Sue's KitchenLink

    Sue's Kitchen: A website with accessible recipes, useful information and tips on cooking for blind and visually impaired people.

  611. A Low Vision Perspective on How to Apply LipstickVideo

    Cheralyn Creer gives useful tips and tricks on how she applies lipstick. What are yours?

  612. A Blind Perspective on How to Apply LipstickVideo

  613. A Low Vision Perspective on How to Apply MascaraVideo

  614. A Blind Perspective on How to Apply MascaraVideo

  615. A Blind Perspective on How to Apply Eye ShadowVideo

  616. A Low Vision Perspective on How to Apply Eye Shadow.Video

  617. Discussion on Low Vision and Blind Perspectives on How to Apply MakeupVideo

  618. A Low Vision Perspective on How to Apply EyelinerVideo

  619. A Low Vision Perspective on How to Apply Foundation.Video

  620. A Blind Perspective on How to Apply Foundation.Video

  621. How to Navigate in Excel Audio

    Explains how to move around in the spreadsheet, move to different sheets in the workbook, Move among different excel files, go to a specific cell or text in the spreadsheet, etc.

  622. How to Name Ranges in ExcelAudio

    Defining a name both before and after creating a formula.

  623. How to Create and Edit Formulas in ExcelAudio

    Creating and editing formulas: (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division)

  624. A Blind Perspective on How to Apply BlushVideo

  625. Trekker Breeze 2.0 - New features tutorialVideo

  626. Window-Eyes and Office 2010 Preview Video

  627. New Talking CCTV from GW MicroVideo

  628. A Low Vision Perspective on How to Apply BlushVideo

  629. Blind Licensed Social Worker's BlogLink

    Cruisin with Cricket- The Journeys of Becky Andrew and her guide dog, Cricket. Blind Licensed Social Worker, Owner of Resilient Solutions.

  630. Blind Skier's EdgeVideo

    This documentary showcases blind skiing and guiding, and an innovative skiing technique for the blind pioneered by Erik Weihenmayer and Jeff Ulrich, his guide.

  631. Blind Preschooler Uses CaneVideo

    Toddlers can and should be introduced to canes even before they start walking.

  632. Braille: Unlocking the CodeVideo

    In this exciting new video, the history and power of Braille is explored with commentary from successful Braille readers.

  633. Cooking Without Looking "How To" VideoVideo

    Tara Briggs walks us through cooking "Dad's Hot Dish"!

  634. VoiceOver, the basicsArticle

    VoiceOver, a screen reader for many of apple's devices, is quite accessible and easy to use. In this tutorial, I will do my best to guide you through its basic use.

  635. Audio and written description of how to use the websiteAudio

  636. Project STRIVE 2013/2014Article

    Check out what we are doing this year in Project STRIVE

  637. Erik Weihenmayer, Blind Adventurer. Kayaking Video

    Erik Weihenmayer, the blind adventurer who climbed Everest, practices whitewater kayaking on the Colorado River.

  638. Blind climber Erik Weihenmayer, Eldorado Canyon's The Naked EdgeVideo

    Blind climber Erik Weihenmayer tackles a difficult route - Eldorado Canyon's The Naked Edge

  639. Blind SkateboarderVideo

    14 year-old Tommy Carroll of Northbrook, IL is and accomplished skateboarder, even though he has been totally blind since the age of two.

  640. Introduction to the BrailleNote NotetakerVideo

  641. Introduction to the Victor Reader StreamVideo

  642. Basic Accessibility Features of the iPadVideo

  643. Basic Accessibility Features of the iPadVideo

  644. iPad Video Tutorial for iPadVideo

    Presentation by Wesley Majerus, Access Specialist for the National Federation of the Blind on how blind persons use the iPad.

  645. Bookshare to Kindle tutorialVideo

    Tutorial on how to get a book from Bookshare on to your Kindle using MobiPocket Creator

  646. What Braille Means To MeanVideo

    The importance of Braille literacy to blind people cannot be overstated. In this video, various people share what Braille means to them.

  647. Blind Driver Challenge™ at the Rolex 24 At Daytona: Multi-Camera ViewVideo

    Groundbreaking Blind Driver Challenge™ demonstration on January 29, 2011.

  648. NFB Blind Driver ChallengeVideo

  649. Beat Rockers, Beatboxing with the BlindVideo

  650. What are the website's features?Question

  651. Is Your Child Age Appropriate? by Dr. Ruby RylesArticle

    Powerful speech given by Dr. Ruby Ryles, a mother of a blind son and also a distinguished expert in the education of blind children. A must read for all parents.